The serial interfaces RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 bus standards are widely used in automated systems. Serial/Ethernet converters are deployed in order to integrate the corresponding terminal devices such as control systems, sensors, measuring devices, motors, drives, barcode scanners or operating status indicators in modern-day industrial Ethernet networks. Consequently, they protect previous investments in existing automation components. Weidmüller’s serial/Ethernet converters are equipped with one or two serial ports and make it simple to integrate practically all serial terminal devices in existing Ethernet structures. The user is able to configure function parameters via a web console, serial console, Telnet console or a Windows utility, which applies to both serial ports as well as the Ethernet network.

The serial interface of Weidmüller’s serial/Ethernet converters supports a wide range of operation modes – for example TCP server, TCP client, UDP, Real COM, RFC2217, Reverse Telnet, Pair Connection and Ethernet modem a flexibility that guarantees network compatibility. A further advantage is that utilising the serial/Ethernet converter makes it possible to remotely configure and operate devices with fieldbus independent configuration via their Ethernet connection.

Users are also able to implement cascade cable connections comprising several serial/Ethernet converters to create an Ethernet network structure that enables uncomplicated access to components with a serial interface, for example via PCs. It is possible to use the two Ethernet ports integrated in the device as Ethernet switch ports. This design feature enables users to reduce cabling costs because it is not necessary to connect each device to a separate Ethernet switch.

The relay output integrated in the converter serves as a warning function for administrators.  A corresponding warning is sent to the service technician via email if there are any problems with the Ethernet connections or non-authorised changes are made to the serial signals and power connections, which makes it possible to react quickly in emergency situations. An alarm function (integrated buzzer and real-time clock) as well as an automatic restart function (integrated watchdog timer) in the event a failure occurs also guarantee reliability.

Extended surge voltage protection for the serial connections, the Ethernet ports and power supply ensure Weidmüller’s serial/Ethernet converters are ideally suited for deployment in harsh industrial environments. Robust screw-type terminal blocks ensure the power supply and serial connectors are reliably connected. Redundant DC power supply inputs (12-48 VDC) and low power consumption ensure safety and reliability.

Weidmüller’s comprehensive portfolio of Ethernet products covers a broad spectrum of sophisticated and special requirements to enable seamless and efficient communication in industrial environments.

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