Stockpiling in UK warehouses has hit a record high as retailers prepare for a no-deal Brexit putting even more pressure on already overwhelmed warehouse facilities and their workers.

With many retailers hoping to limit the damage caused by a no-deal Brexit as they start to prepare for the run-up to the Christmas season, the cost of warehousing space has rocketed with many retailers reporting an increase of up to 60% as the amount of UK warehousing space available dwindles.

Warehouse managers are also concerned about the number of skilled workers available to help meet warehousing demand, with several trade bodies calling on the Government to provide guaranteed access to a skilled workforce to help keep up with demand.

With HSE statistics showing no slowdown of work-related accidents and injuries caused by lifting and falls from height over the previous 12 months, the concern that workers new to the warehousing industry will be put at even higher risk of injury should a limited amount of lifting equipment be available for them to use during their shift.

Midland Pallet Trucks, a provider of high-quality lifting equipment for the warehousing industry including pallet trucks, manual stacker trucks and lift tables, have a wide range of high-quality lifting products to safeguard the health and wellbeing of all staff as they work to keep up with the demand caused by no-deal stockpiling.
To help safeguard staff during this increase in demand for warehousing space, the team at Midland Pallet Trucks is on hand to provide high-quality lifting tables, pallet trucks, sack trucks and stackers to help prevent injury and ensure production continues.

Midland Pallet Trucks has earned a reputation for selling high-quality products at very competitive prices to businesses throughout the UK and is able to offer same day dispatch on most products to help manufacturers provide their workers with a pallet truck or lifting table for use in their warehouses.

Not only do these products offer excellent value for money, but thanks to Midland Pallet Trucks centrally located distribution centre, products can be ordered either via phone or online and shipped the very same day, meaning that businesses can help keep up with growing demand without putting their workers at risk.

Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Midland Pallet Trucks, said: “With the amount of warehouse space and access to skilled and experienced warehouse workers being severely limited as retailers prepare for a no-deal Brexit, having the appropriate lifting equipment is essential to help reduce the risk of injury and enhance productivity for workers.”