Veolia Water Technologies has launched its industry-wide venture Rethink Water, establishing the company as a key thought leader in water management.

Its broad perspective encourages industries to change how they see water and wastewater, and evaluate how they can reduce, recycle and reuse wastewater, as well as thinking of innovative ways to recover by-products from a process to be used as an energy resource. An accompanying white paper provides a concise, easy-to-read introduction to how companies can reassess their views, and benefit from the potential financial savings offered by adopting a more informed approach towards treating wastewater.

Veolia is ideally placed to advise industry, thanks to its years of experience working with customers to deliver water saving solutions across a range of sectors, from pharmaceuticals and food to energy and power. The white paper helpfully summarises industry-specific case studies, demonstrating how the company’s technology can deliver a short return on investment, leading to increased profitability, improved water use and a positive environmental impact. The new campaign makes a compelling case that the time has come for all of us to Rethink Water.

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