The issues surrounding recycling have been a hot topic in the media recently as less people seem to be recycling, with a particular dip in plastic reclaim. But why? And how can your business stop this?

Chris Dow, CEO of Closed Loop Recycling, stated that, “Currently low-priced fossil fuels are pushing down the price of virgin plastic, leaving recycled material languishing behind.” And it is true, statistics are showing that due to outdated regulations and oil prices lowering, non-recycled products are cheaper to buy than those made out of recycled materials. It seems as though the protection of our environment is not being prioritised over the current economic climate.

On top of these statistics, this month, The European Commission decided not to implement the Circular Economy Package that they announced in July 2014. The legislation required all member states to be recycling 70% of waste by 2030, which would not only create over half a million jobs, but would benefit our environment greatly.

UK’s Recycling Approach Needs To Be ‘More Ambitious’

The Commission’s vice-president, Frans Timmermans, claimed that the decision to overrule the proposal is down to creating a “more ambitious” package. However, many groups have shown their disappointment at the decision, and a majority of MEPs voted this month to save the Circular Economy Package but failed to make a difference.

However, it is not all bad news. The Guardian recently published an article discussing the potential rise in job vacancies that could be created through recycling, highlighting just how much recycling can affect how the environment and the economy coincide with one another. It is predicted that a new variety of companies that embrace recycling and reusing materials will become just one of the sources for these new jobs as this will create a demand for more labour workers.

In addition to the positive outcome on jobs within Britain, there are also companies who provide a hassle-free and cost effective way of recycling for businesses. Environmentally-aware companies such as Environmental Screening & Separation offer easy solutions for commercial companies who provide a skip hire service that recycles over 80% of the material that is processed.

With companies big and small around Britain recycling such a high percentage of their waste, a massive impact will be made on the amount of materials we reuse as a country.