Tinytag data loggers are robust, cost-effective, battery operated devices used to monitor temperature, humidity, power usage, CO2 and other parameters across a variety of industries. Gemini Data Loggers has been designing and manufacturing Tinytags in the UK since 1992 and has an established reputation for quality. The Tinytag range also includes probes, data logging software and accessories, providing all you need to ensure reliable and accurate monitoring for your application. At MAINTEC, Gemini will be showcasing the Tinytag range, including the latest additions:

Tinytag Energy Logger: a cost-effective, safe and non-invasive tool for testing and monitoring power usage of both single devices and entire installations. It provides clear assessment of energy efficiency for rapid identification of power hungry or inefficient equipment, peak load and unnecessary idling times – in turn enabling significant cost savings through implementation of new equipment and processes. The device combines ease of use with accurate, high level performance and is suitable for monitoring single or three phase power supplies. Portable and self-configuring, it is available as a hand-held unit for spot checks or as a data logger for longer term assessment.

Tinytag Carbon Dioxide data logger:  the CO2 logger helps to verify that ventilation systems are performing correctly, therefore preventing an excessive build-up of carbon dioxide which can lead to reduced concentration levels and even health problems. The discreet mains powered unit is self-calibrating to ensure accuracy. A flashing red LED indicates if the power supply has been interrupted and if a user-defined upper ppm level limit has been reached

Tinytag Thermocouple logger: supporting type K, J, T and N thermocouples, this battery powered logger provides fast response, versatile monitoring from -200°C to 1370°C, with a built-in temperature channel allowing simultaneous monitoring of process and ambient temperatures. Its connection supports standard and miniature thermocouple plugs

Versatility and Ease of Use

Tinytag data loggers offer a choice of features to suit specific locations and environments, including robustness, waterproofing, compactness and a variety of memory sizes for recording data over a period of time. To provide greater flexibility, external sensors in the form of probes are available, offering easy access to awkward areas a logger cannot reach.

All Tinytag loggers are compatible with Tinytag Explorer software, an intuitive Windows program developed for flexibility and ease of use, which will configure the logger and retrieve recorded data for analysis. Stored information is downloaded via a USB connection to a PC, where the software will clearly present the data as graphs and tables which can be exported into MS Excel and Word. Data from multiple logging runs or multiple loggers may be combined for overall analysis.

Tinytag Radio System

The Tinytag Radio System provides an easy to use, cost-effective, labour-efficient solution for monitoring temperature and humidity in large-scale facilities, where manually downloading multiple loggers may be impractical. It consists of a number of radio loggers forming a mesh network that automatically send data to a receiver connected to a PC.

The loggers have a line of sight range of up to 200 metres and are able to receive, store, log and transmit data. If one logger is out of range with the receiver, its data hops to its nearest neighbour and hence finds a path back to the receiver. If the logger has lost connection with all of its neighbours and is unable to find a path back to the receiver, data is stored locally until communication is restored.  In this way, the system is highly reliable and will prevent any loss of data. Information can be accessed over the internet or via an internal network enabling the viewing of multiple sites on one computer.

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