Impress Sensors & Systems has launched a new range of high pressure (up to 70 bar) differential pressure transmitters for liquids and gases. The transmitters provide three in one capability, including an adjustable four digit LED display, a pressure transmitter and two PNP pressure switch connections.

The new DMD 831 is a stainless steel differential pressure transmitter for industrial use that incorporates two piezoresistive stainless steel sensors and stainless steel diaphragms. The transmitter is therefore suitable for a wide range of plant and process engineering applications, including HVAC, energy and laboratory.

Differential pressure sensors and transmitters measure the difference in pressure from one side of a diaphragm to the other or between two diaphragms. When pressure is applied, the DMD 831 determines the pressure difference between positive and negative sides and transforms this into a proportional electrical signal. Typically, this enables the measurement of pressure drop across a filter due to build-up or blockages, or for measuring flow and level via a pressurised vessel.

The DMD 831 provides a compact solution for OEMs and end users across a range of process control applications, including pressure control for lubrication systems, hydraulics and pneumatics, air compressors, steam, water, fuels and oils.

Seven different versions of the DMD 831 are available, with differential pressures from 0… 80 mbar up to 0… 70 bar. The transmitters operate in media temperatures from -40°C to 125°C. Switching accuracy is +/-0.5% FSO according to IEC 60770, and the transmitters are ingress protected to IP65.

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