ThermTech based in Ashton-under-Lyne, a specialist in the design and fabrication of industrial boiler heat economisers and flue gas neutralising equipment has just appointed established industry figure Neil English as its new MD.

Tasked with moving the company forwards in a market where energy saving and pollution control are literally hot topics, Neil is relishing the experience: “I’m delighted to be associated with ThermTech and to lead an exceptional engineering and administrative team here in the UK. During the past 25 years ThermTech has pioneered the use of several waste heat recovery techniques and the products used to implement them.

“Boiler flue gas economisers and other waste heat recovery systems are a speciality, along with flue gas neutralising equipment such as electrostatic precipitators, activated carbon vessels, gas coolers and the associated skids, pipework and vessels. The company fabricates vessels in carbon and stainless steel, which are typically used as boiler feed water tanks (Hot Wells), condensate vessels and pressure vessels.

“All the products are market ready with the associated environmental credentials. Plus, when it comes to the economisers there is a substantial 4 – 6% fuel cost saving opportunity to add to the virtuous feeling of reducing carbon emissions and enabling industry to function while reducing environmental pollution. Having been at the forefront of these technologies for a number of years, it means we have been playing our part in helping industry to reduce its global carbon foot print.

“ThermTech has significant expansion plans and due to a significant uptake in our products and services recently there has also been a substantial re-investment made in both our UK manufacturing facilities and new product development. Taking all this into account, we are looking forwards to positive growth.”