Trying to find the best prices to keep your commercial property working and won’t end up costing the earth in the long run can be extremely confusing. Who knows what’s best and, more importantly, what advice can be trusted?

The Rise of Sustainable Energy in Agriculture.

More and more agricultural businesses are investing in greener energy systems that not only work effectively and reduce costs, but also put these businesses in the running for the Renewable Heat Incentive from the Government. Businesses that do this are more eligible to win awards such as the Ashden award, making the switch to more sustainable energy systems an enticing choice.

Here is a quick look at the different technologies that you can use in the everyday running of your commercial property that won’t cost you the earth in the long run…literally.

Type of Energy Saving Device Needed


1)      Heating Water

·         If you commercial business uses a lot of hot water then you could consider using a system called Solar Hot Water that uses energy from the sun to heat up your water.

2)  Heating your property

·         If you are looking for a more energy efficient way of heating your commercial property then you could look into having a ground or air source heat pump installed.

·         You could also consider a Biomass Heating System if your company works with organic substances that involves a lot of waste.

3)      Creating Electricity

·         Photovoltaic systems take energy from the sun to create electricity for your commercial property.

·         Using wind to create electricity is probably a more well-known system. This device uses turbines to turn energy from the wind into electricity.

All of these options will make your business eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive from the Government, putting even more cash in your pocket as well as doing your bit to help sustain our planet. A great business that supplies all of these technologies are Solartech, who will discuss these options with you to find the best choice for you and your business before planning, installing and regularly servicing your equipment.

Case Study

One company who greatly benefited from the energy savings scheme was Brixworth Country Park, who were approached by the area’s Council Solar Plan Scheme, as their current energy system wasn’t in-keeping with the area’s ethos. Not only did they manage to save some extra money by investing in an energy saving scheme but they also fit the area’s carbon footprint reduction scheme.

To read the whole study then click here.

There are many incentives to reducing your carbon footprint, and in doing so you will be joining the ranks of many other agricultural businesses. If you are thinking of reducing your carbon footprint then the Carbon Trust can work with you to devise ways that you can save energy and the earth at the same time.