ESL’s mantra is ‘superior customer service.’ Whether customers are interested in sale, lease or contract or short term hire, ESL are committed to  not only finding the best solution by assessing your needs but also offer on-site training and provide a helpdesk and field-based technical support for all of your needs going forward. We only deal with the very best and so you will only find names like Wieland, Torbo, ASCO or Clena – names that represent quality, durability, technical advancement and efficiency; market leaders for over 25 years.

No matter what your cleaning demands are, the chances are that ESL has the perfect solution. The jewel in the ESL crown is the complete range of Wieland Industrial Vacuum Systems. These systems have an incredible range of application and are used across Europe for dust extraction, suction based material transport solutions, removal of dangerous materials like asbestos, cleaning of industrial and agricultural equipment and vacuum loading and discharge of construction materials like gravel. There are a vast amount of useful accessories available for each standard system, which enables customization to adapt to your unique cleaning requirements. In addition, ESL are immensely proud of their dustless blasting solutions, provided by Torbo – that have helped reduce the environmental impact of precision cleaning across a whole host of industries, not to mention vastly increasing efficiency at the same time.

Whatever your waste, there is an appropriate ESL solution to be found and ESL can help you do just that. Simply explain your needs to one of our advisors and they will happily help you to choose the best equipment and plan for your unique needs. The range of machines on offer across our different manufacturers is such that there is always a machine and plan that is best suited to the full range of environmental, load and frequency of use specifics.

Updating your machinery can be a daunting prospect, but with flexible financing there is always a way and it is important to remember that with an upgraded cleaning solution come a whole raft of cost-saving benefits. You will reduce your labour costs, downtime and subsequently productivity and potentially reduce the amount of workplace accidents. There have been significant improvements in emptying which reduces health and safety issues. Over the lifetime of one of our machines you will actually benefit from a low ‘whole life cost’ and as we deal with leading manufacturers only, all parts can be replaced in double time!

In the unlikely event that we cannot find a machine that is perfectly suited to your complex requirements then at ESL we go the extra mile. We will sit down and design and have a machine manufactured that is perfectly tailored to your needs.

There is always a friendly, informative voice at the end of the phone, on 01543 449259. All customers, new and old will be treated with the utmost respect and courtesy and we will endeavour to answer any questions you might have and point you in a direction that will see you cutting costs and increasing efficiency in no time.