Open Technology will secure energy savings of up to 40 per cent for Cardiff University after installing its intelligent lighting system to an additional four lecture theaters across the campus.

Last year the company was commissioned to install its LiGO intelligent lighting system in seven of the University’s lecture theaters. The installation, done by consultants Houghton Greenlees and installers Evans Electrical, brought the total of LiGO controllers across the university campus to more than 30.

Cardiff University explained that Open Technology and LiGO were chosen due to the lighting system’s features, which include: presence detection to reduce energy use when rooms are unoccupied; time control settings to match occupancy times for lecture theatres; and, daylight balancing to complement available daylight.
These features will deliver up to 40 per cent in estimated savings in lighting costs for the University.

Three theatres in the Glamorgan Building and the Sir Martin Evan’s Theatre will be completely refurbished over the summer to the current high standard and fitted with the LiGO system.

Open Technology’s managing director Chris Bedford, explained the technology benefits for the college: “Our lighting system enables Cardiff University to not only reduce its overall energy use, which saves money on its energy bills and also allows it to achieve a key goal of lessening its environmental footprint.”

The system will allow the university’s own staff to control and maintain the system through a connection to the University’s Trend Building Energy Management System.