Learning to recognise a few recurring issues common to pump booster sets could make a significant difference to your site’s heating, cooling and waste-water systems, according to pump specialists Dura Pump.

Booster set pumps can be found around the country, working hard to keep water pressure steady and strong. They’re often a vital part of a site’s water system – so it is important to keep them in good shape.

“There are a few recurring issues specific to booster sets,” commented John Calder of Dura Pump. “If you own – or are responsible for – a booster set, it’s important to know what to look out for so that you can catch faults early on.”

With that in mind, the engineers at Dura Pump have put together the following list of six common problems:

  1. Noise or vibration
  2. Leaks
  3. Warm water coming from cold taps
  4. Low or inconsistent water pressure
  5. The pump failing to cut in, providing no boost
  6. Legionnaires / contamination

“These issues can be a nuisance, and are sometimes disruptive,” Calder added. “But they are easily prevented with proper care and servicing. A good, regular maintenance routine is the best defence against pump breakdowns and spiralling callout charges.

“If anything on this list sounds familiar to you, we recommend getting advice from an engineer with booster set specialism. Some early expert advice can save a lot of bother down the line.”

In conjunction with raising awareness about booster sets, Dura Pump are promoting their range of Proserv maintenance packages. With Dura Pump Proserv, customers receive 24/7 rapid response, regular servicing, and full specialist support on all booster sets – from initial design and installation right through to regular and ongoing pump maintenance. All at a fixed, all-inclusive price.