Making sure that you have all the right equipment for a job shouldn’t be a difficult task although you can often find yourself running from one supplier to the next to get everything that you need. At SHS Handling we strive to do things differently by encompassing everything you could possibly need in one easy to find place.

Handling equipment is required for a variety of different tasks including moving and storing and should be provided based on the needs of both the individual and the job at hand. There are regulations that must be adhered to with regards to manual handling in the workplace – the Health and Safety Executive detail the Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 which provides information on how to lift and move objects safely to minimise the risk of injury.

At SHS Handling we are able to supply a range of pallet trucks which assist with the manual handling process and make it easier and safer to move pallets from a truck or lorry, or around a warehouse. Whether you are looking for a low profile, long reach or high lift pallet truck we have the solutions to match your needs. We also have a great selection of innovative products such as electric pallet trucks, rough terrain or special application which are designed to assist in those unique situations.

As well as pallet trucks we also have a great selection of trolleys and sack trucks so that no matter what you are moving you will have the right equipment to do so safely and efficiently.

Storage Facilities

Having the right storage facilities for your items once you have moved them is also of paramount importance. Whether you are looking for drum storage, cages or container systems you can be sure to find the perfect solution with SHS. Our selection of shelving is ideal for storing all types of items and can be used in a both offices and warehouses.

We are also able to provide the finishing touches and accessories such as spares for wheels and castors as well as signage to ensure that you have everything that you could possible need – and if you are struggling to find the right product then our sales team is happy to help to try and find a solution. All of the products that we offer are available to purchase online and will be delivered as quickly as possible – alternatively you can give our friendly team a call and complete your order over the phone.

So for all your handling needs visit SHS Handling Solutions today!