SHE Knows Health & Safety has secured a four year contract to help train 5,000 petrochemical workers in the Sultanate of Oman.

The deal was struck at the end of June for health, safety and environment courses and refreshers for Petroleum Development Oman, Oman’s largest oil producer.

The work, to be conducted through its formal partner in Oman, the Knowledge Grid, requires the writing and production of 23 level 1 and level 2 courses, and teacher training and support.

The oil refinery contractors will be given health and safety training until 2016, including level 1 training covering inductions, fire, hydrogen sulphide and health and safety risk awareness, and level 2 for supervisors including accidents, radioactive material and confined spaces.

As the contractors are from all parts of the world, SHE Knows, which has offices in Hull and Grimsby, will produce course material in native languages including Hindi and Arabic, as well as English.

The company expects to take on a limited number of extra staff in IT and safety training, and have one or two full time trainers in Oman at Knowledge Grid offices.

Linda Crossland-Clarke, SHE Knows managing director, said that there is more work to come.

“It’s taken a lot of negotiating and travel back and forth between Oman and the Humber to secure what is the start of an in-depth health, safety and environment training programme, leading to further level 3 training work later in the year.

“We are also very optimistic we can use our new and existing contacts in the region to develop sales of our Mission Room training facility.”

This training room, unveiled in May at the Safety & Health Expo, provides a fully interactive training environment, employing 360° images, video and sound.