MSA Safety introduces the revolutionary new V-TEC self-retracting lifeline (SRL). It is the first in the market to include an inbuilt retraction dampener which allows the user to release the cable safely via controlled retraction; solving a common user pain point by limiting damage to the main body of the unit and snaphook.

Part of MSA’s innovative and easy-to-use V-Series of safety harnesses and SRLs, the V-TEC SRL also benefits from patented radial energy absorbing technology which is an industry leading method of energy absorption in Personal Protective Equipment. Together, the radial energy absorber and dampener translate the latest technology into ease of use, inspection and maintenance.

Its construction is based on an award-winning design first used in the MSA Personal Fall Limiter. A clear outer casing allows instant inspection for simplified pre-use checks and visibility during operation, while the radial energy absorber is precision-made and does not require re-calibration or adjustment as seen in traditional SRLs – ultimately minimising downtime, repair, and maintenance costs.

“The V-TEC carves out new territory in SRL design and shows the kind of engineering innovation and user-friendly features the world has come to expect from MSA Safety fall protection,” says Alastair Hogg, Director for Fall Protection Sales and Business Development, International, “our teams deserve much credit for keeping us ahead of the field.”

He adds: “The V-TEC SRL and other V-Series products have been designed for use with our Latchways® engineered lifelines to bring customers the highest specification of fall protection on the market.”

The V-TEC SRL is made using stainless steel and engineered plastics for greater durability and, when necessary, its cable, energy absorber and retraction dampener can all be quickly replaced on site. A choice of galvanised or stainless cables is available to meet the needs of different situations.

MSA Safety’s new V-TEC 6m self-retracting lifeline is now available from registered suppliers. Find out more at