Any kind of visual impairment can reduce a person’s health and wellbeing, affect their ability to work and also their ability to perform normal, everyday activities such as reading or driving. So it’s particularly important that our eyes our protected in hazardous environments. Scott Safety, a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of personal protective equipment, is launching a new and revitalised goggle range, specifically designed to encourage wearer use and acceptance.

The first stage in a total revamp of its eye protection portfolio, Scott Safety’s new goggle range combines the latest technology with modern design. Utilising flexible, comfortable materials and anthropomorphic data, Scott Safety has optimised the shape and size of its goggles to ensure a secure fit from a wide range of users. Contemporary and stylish, the new models also offer a variety of material and venting options to improve comfort and encourage user adoption.

Scott Safety’s eye protection range has been extended to include four additional models, named Luna, Graviton, Bora and Neutron that target specific applications. The full eyewear range now offers a wide variety of protective solutions, including impact, chemical splash, UV and Infra-Red radiation.

Continuing to listen to the demands of its customers, Scott Safety has also redesigned its goggle packaging. Goggles now come in re-sealable bags that provide convenient and hygienic storage when no longer in use.

Knowing what type of goggles to choose for the correct application can be confusing, so Scott Safety has simplified the selection process with the introduction of a unique colour coding system. The colours of the frames and the lens material will now indicate the application the goggles can be used for. Translucent grey or clear goggle frames with Polycarbonate lenses are ideal for impact risks, whilst translucent blue frames with Acetate lenses should be used for chemical liquid splash. Scott Safety’s goggles not only simplify choosing the correct personal protective equipment, but they also make it easy for safety managers to identify if a worker is wearing the right goggles for the job.

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