Are you worried about unbearable conditions in your factory or warehouse this summer? EcoCooling provides simple, safe and low cost evaporative cooling and ventilation solutions.

Industrial and Commercial Cooling:  A cost effective alternative:

There are over 300 installations of EcoCooling equipment in industrial environments around the globe. Benefits of EcoCooling systems include:

  • Targeted comfort cooling of zones or areas where required – particularly good for mezzanine floors or production lines.
  • Products can be simply fitted as pre coolers to existing air handlers.
  • Supply air temperature under 25?C guaranteed all year round in the UK (MHRA compliant conditions).
  • Water controls coupled with pre-filtration minimise maintenance to once every 6 months
  • Minimum disruption during installation.
  • Simple operation and maintenance

Smart Control – Cost effective solutions revolutionise industrial adiabatic cooling

While previously advanced control systems were only applied to IT scenarios. New hardware has allowed EcoCooling to provide a cost-effective version for industrial and warehouse cooling.  Benefits include:

  • Closer  control of temperature and energy monitoring
  • Remote access
  • Real-time analysis of temperature and humidity from tablet devices
  • Touchscreen interface
  • Can be used for combined ventilation, cooling and heating projects
  • Easy connectivity – Modbus and Ethernet (For BMS/Fire suppressant systems etc.)

SPOTLIGHT CASE STUDY Leading Retailer, Industrial Cooling.

A leading retailer was experiencing temperatures of more than 40?C during the summer months in their UK distribution centres, with staff describing the working conditions as unbearable.  The high temperatures also resulted in staff having to take regular water breaks.  There was no choice but to look for a feasible cooling solution for the facility.

The cost of conventional air conditioning for the whole centre would have been unrealistic.  EcoCooling’s evaporative cooling and air handling solutions has provided the cooling they required to maintain bearable temperatures for a cost effective installation and at a sensible operating cost.







Industrial AHU Installation Scheme – 1 cooler = 12,600m3/hr or 15m diameter circle


The EcoCooling system provided fresh air spot cooling to the extreme areas while also gently cooling the rest of the centre. The new system has made more comfortable and happy staff and is costing the company less in water and break time and has provided a promising response from the Health and Safety committee.

Based on the success of the initial installation, this retailer has since commissioned an additional 4 sites with EcoCooling systems.