A surge in demand as a result of the COVID-19 crisis has increased the prevalence of non-compliant, uncertified, and potentially ineffective PPE entering the market, with procurement teams urged to ensure they source stock through trusted and legitimate channels.

The warning, from workwear and PPE specialist Supertouch, comes amid rising demand for PPE as the country continues to tackle the second wave of COVID-19.

In order to ensure employees are given as much protection as possible, it is vital that distributors, health and safety managers, and indeed anyone involved with the provision of PPE obtains their equipment from trusted suppliers, warns the manufacturer.

Matt Rushton, Head of Marketing at Supertouch, comments: “It’s been an extremely challenging time for everyone this year, and as COVID-19 continues to shine a spotlight on the importance of PPE, it also illustrates the dangers of not using trusted and legitimate channels. Given the safety-critical role that it plays in the everyday life of a range of industries, the increasing prevalence of non-compliant PPE is unwittingly putting wearers at significant risk by lulling them into a false sense of security.

“The British Safety Industry Federation’s (BSIF) Registered Safety Supplier Scheme (RSSS), of which Supertouch is a proud member, audits sellers of PPE to ensure products are properly certified. This provides a stamp of approval in terms of guaranteeing equipment performs as it should do.”

With the COVID-19 crisis ongoing, and a number of industries that typically rely on PPE once again ramping up productivity, pressure is being placed on manufactures and suppliers to deliver compliant equipment as efficiently as possible. This has placed emphasis on minimising lead times and ensuring consistency of delivery, particularly on disposables.

Matt continues: “To ensure key items could continue to be supplied with as little disruption as possible, Supertouch has leveraged its long-standing supplier relationships. Lead times have been minimised by airfreighting goods when necessary, and following a series of prioritised front-line orders, were dispatched to safety distributors immediately upon arrival.

“However, even as reduced lead times have become a key priority in light of increasing demands on PPE, it is critical that the equipment supplied is fit for purpose. Purchasing products that have been imported or distributed by RSSS members such as Supertouch is an important way of ensuring PPE is appropriately certified.”

For more information on Supertouch’s range of certified disposable PPE, please visit: https://www.supertouch.com/products/disposables