The machinery inspection and certification industry is being dragged out of the shadows, and into the light of the 21st Century by the release of RiskMach.

RiskMach is the first purpose built platform for managing PUWER inspection, risk assessments and all resulting documentation in a closed loop process. It provides an open platform for all stake holders in machinery safety to record and action their risk assessments.

Now everyone can have access to all the risk assessments, anywhere, anytime, in REAL time.

The RiskMach suite is a comprehensive web based machine risk assessment tool that supports all users in line with their needs:

  • Health and Safety Managers
  • Engineering Managers
  • Project Engineers and Managers
  • Machine Manufacturers


It had to be flexible and capable of scaling to large projects. Spiers Engineering Safety is a growing, thriving machinery safety business working with clients such as Jaguar Land Rover, KP Foods, Nestle and Unilever to mention but a few. RiskMach had to be an excellent product to satisfy our clients……and it has not let us down”.

Warren Spiers, Managing Director, Spiers Engineering Safety


Engineering Teams are up against tight time constraints more than ever. With less time and resource, and increased pressure to increase productivity, Engineering Managers can feel like they are constantly chasing their tail to meet their objectives as well as ensuring machines are safe to operate.

The need to eradicate ‘blame culture’, endless reams of paperwork, managing spreadsheets (and the inevitable human errors they create )is growing.

Eradicating these, or at least improving these factors, will in turn, ensure your machines are safe and ultimately, keep your workforce are safe.

Imagine that a PUWER inspection has been carried out on a machine. The report is in paper format and needs to be inputted into a spreadsheet. Who actions the information in this spreadsheet? Who takes responsibility for ensuring the information is correct? How do you ensure human error does not occur?

It is a complicated process where mistakes can be made, whether wittingly or not. When errors occur with regards to machine safety, the end result can be life changing – resulting in lifelong injuries or even fatality.

Your information is precious. RiskMach is a solution to a number of problems that has plagued our industry since its birth.

Problems such as:

  • Large printed reports and the administration of the paper trail.
  • The burden on administrative gatekeeper of the hard copy.
  • Freehand customisation by users who are ‘adapting’ the format for their own needs. This can result in inconsistent data in spreadsheets across your organisation.
  • Time spent searching for information – often it’s locked away in a cupboard somewhere.
  • Management reporting.  You have to go down the freelance customisation route to produce the statistics that management want to see (which results in deviation away from your core business).
  • Long winded approaches to communicating the key points to the relevant people consistently and regularly.
  • Oversight of the process and progress through the actions and schedules.
  • Inconsistencies in the format of risk assessments.
  • Impossible to implement real-time monitoring information that isn’t easily and readily accessible.
  • Drawing conclusions and prioritising is very difficult when it is in hard copy format or not centralised across all departments and sites.


What can RiskMach do for me?

RiskMach is a cloud based system for carrying out your Machine Risk Assessments. It can be accessed anywhere and at anytime using a suitable web browser. Even if you have no internet connection, you can use the RiskMach app offline to record information.

There are multiple benefits from RiskMach being cloud based;

  • You will benefit from saving time – the paper trail will be reduced when carrying out assessments.
  • You will benefit from keeping your information secure – RiskMach data is securely stored by a multinational provider (Amazon AWS). You will avoid loss of confidential information or records due to fire, loss, accidental damage or even a cyber-attack.
  • You will benefit from protecting your budget – save money and time by ensuring a steady and consistent workflow.


RiskMach enables you to PLAN and SCHEDULE inspections;

  • Once an asset is in the system you can start or schedule an inspection for a future date.
  • It can manage the inspection and review schedule across many assets, areas and sites.
  • As a result of this, you will able to plan ahead and better manage your resources. It will enable you to monitor your team, and see that they are planning ahead too.


RiskMach enables multi-user functionality and there is no restriction or licensing for the number of users. This means you can save time when report writing and free up resources by reducing admin and use it elsewhere.


Become the leader who introduces a new solution to an old problem and improve risk management to better control risk within your business.


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