Ingot Services has urged all commercial kitchens to adopt a regular programme of risk assessment in compliance with the current FSO and advice given by the Fire Service.

The company has urged all businesses need to elect a responsible person to ensure fire safety measures are implemented and regular risk assessments carried out so that all areas of health and safety that may present a potential hazard to staff and the public are taken into account.

Ingot Services is a company that specialises in the cleaning of greasy air ducts and ventilation systems that in busy kitchens can present a major fire risk if not cleaned regularly.

Ingot’s managing director, Alan Maynard explains why businesses would do well to seek advice from their local Fire Service, “Cutting corners when approaching the issue of fire safety makes no sense. If the worst happens and there is an outbreak of fire attributed to not complying with the FSO then the fines can be huge, insurance compensation in doubt and on top of a damaged building and ruined contents it could spell the end of the business.”

Maynard continued, “All regional Fire Services want to prevent fires from happening rather than having to put them out, which is why they are a great source of information and help for the designated person who will need to regularly carry out risk assessments.”