REACH Delivery International has entered into a new partnership with ChemSIX, a Netherlands-based provider of collaboration tools, to help businesses in Europe comply with REACH regulations. The Reach Delivery service complements ChemSIX’s existing portfolio of compliance solutions and will be promoted as a way for businesses to achieve REACH compliance easily when sending Safety Data Sheets and Material Safety Data Sheets (SDS/MSDSs) to customers.

Whilst companies have always been required to provide SDSs to accompany any chemicals sent to customers, under REACH they need to ensure the direct delivery of SDSs and associated documentation to customers. They must also keep these documents and customers up to date if there are any changes or clarifications. Achieving compliance in this area requires new methods of delivering SDSs and associated documents and this is proving an administrative and costly challenge for many companies.

Joost Dekker of ChemSix commented, “REACH is complex and the regulations are particularly challenging for SMEs. Ensuring the quality and correct distribution of SDSs is a struggle for many companies and without adequate support in this area, difficulties can delay or even stop the entire supply chain communication process. Reach Delivery International’s service offers customers a unique, cost effective and innovative way of complying with REACH when sending SDS/MSDSs, whilst at the same time reducing their administration and costs.”