The London Borough of Newham has commenced an installation programme of carbon monoxide (CO) detectors and smoke alarms in more than 15,000 properties, after choosing FireAngel alarms from Sprue Safety Products.

The council had installed smoke alarms in its homes some years previously, but decided rather than waiting until individual smoke alarms reached the end of their working lives and replacing single units, it would proactively embark on a programme of wholesale replacement. With a policy of implementing procedures to improve gas safety, the team at the London Borough of Newham also decided to take this opportunity to introduce carbon monoxide detectors across the whole of its housing stock.

The London Borough of Newham was able to install these CO and smoke alarms as part of their annual Landlord Gas Safety Certificate (CP 12) Inspections. This reduced tenant disruption and ensured the costs of accessing the properties were kept to a minimum.

Nick Rutter from Sprue Safety Products added, “It’s reassuring to see that social housing providers like the London Borough of Newham take an extremely responsible approach to the safety of its residents and its gas safety policy. After all, it’s not just fires that pose a risk to tenants in their homes, but also carbon monoxide poisoning. Their action in instituting a programme to install not just smoke alarms but CO detectors in all of the homes they manage shows how seriously they take residents’ safety.”