R-Tek have combined advanced technology with design to create and manufacture a new and versatile type of industrial floor tiling. The designers at R-Tek Manufacturing believed there was a need for a new, non-slip flooring material used for warehouses and factories which could be installed with minimal disruption and made from hardwearing materials. We’ve put together a list of some of the other benefits this addition to the flooring world will have on the industry:

Easy Installation

Their advanced interlocking design allows for easy installation, resulting in little disruption to employees’ productivity and daily schedules. With no need for adhesives, R-tiles can be fitted onto almost any hard surface and can be walked and driven on immediately after installation. With this short turn-around time, R-tile can not only save companies money on physical floor tiling products but can cut costs for companies who would previously have had to delay work for days.

Built For Industrial Use

Made using heavy-duty PVC, R-tiles are naturally chemical and oil resistant, making them the perfect flooring products for industrial premises. With a variety of surfaces available for these tiles including studded, chequered and textured, R-tile is one of the most efficiently anti-slip products currently on the market, creating friction between the surface and moving object. This feature is incredibly important at the moment as there has been a calling to reduce the number of workplace accidents caused by slips and trips.

Improving your Workplace

Additionally, the installation of the new PVC R-tile flooring eliminates the need for conventionally industrial concrete floors that collect dust and waste, particularly when broken. Whilst maintaining a more hygienic workplace, the interlocking nature of these tiles means that they are easy and cheap to replace. Built with materials highly resistant to compression, flooring will no longer break or crack under heavy impact, causing less hazards and a decline in maintenance costs.

Low Maintenance & High Performance

R-tiles are built to be more durable and longer lasting than resin coatings, vinyl and rubber sheets and standard tiles, giving them more desirable attributes than other materials commonly used for industrial flooring. Being resistant to liquid, R-tiles provide a surface that can easily be maintained, cleaned, and requires only minimal upkeep. With superior sound absorption qualities, the innovative design turns part of the absorbed sound energy from your workplace into heat and transmits the rest, creating a quieter environment for everyone working in the vicinity.