Pilz is launching the safety bolt PSENbolt, a combinable solution for secure safety gate monitoring consisting of a handle, mechanical bolt and various safety switches. This all-in-one product eliminates the need for costly in-house engineering and assembly time to combine individual components.

 According to Pilz, the new PSENbolt product provides safe interlocking of safety gates to Performance Level PL e (EN ISO 13849-1) or Safety Integrity Level SIL CL 3 (EN 62061 / IEC 62061) – or guard locking to PL d – when specified with the Pilz PSENcode RFID coded safety switch and Pilz PSENmech mechanical safety switch. Particular attention has been paid to the mechanical design of the PSENbolt unit to ensure that it is sufficiently robust to withstand long-term use in industrial environments.

PSENbolt devices can be used with doors that are hinged on the left or right enabling the PSENbolt to be used in a choice of application scenario. Hinged guards that are protected using a PSENbolt device can be monitored by means of an appropriate safety relay, configurable safety controller or safety PLC.

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