Arco is looking to offer a one-stop-shop for its customers with its range of factory equipment safety solutions. Included in Arco’s offering is the Buffalo tools range. Manufactured in accordance with BS and DIN standards, this range of professional hand tools has been designed for construction and includes hammers, hand saws, spanners, screwdrivers and measuring equipment.

For storing personal belongings and PPE, Arco also offers its range of industrial security lockers and cabinets. Available in single to six tier sizes, the range includes a collection of hazardous substance storage cabinets which conform to the HSG1 and DSEAR 2002 standards.

To assist with the safe handling and packaging of goods, a range of branded packaging products including safety knives and cutters, tackers and staplers are available. Tapes, wraps and strapping systems ranging from polypropylene packing tape and dispensers to protective bubble film, shrink wrap and a range of strapping, protect products during transit and from the elements.

The Arco Line Marker and Survey Spray are available in a range of colours – red, yellow, green, blue, black, white and orange. Applicators are also on offer in the form of handheld and wheel operated devices. This negates the need for specialist equipment to be brought on-site.

In addition, Arco also offer a variety of sack trucks, pallet trucks and trolleys to suit all warehouse and delivery requirements, ensuring that heavy goods and material handling is undertaken with the proper equipment. The sack trucks and trolleys support weights up to 500kg, and the pallet trucks and scissor lifts up to 2,500kg.