Phoenix Contact talks to Industrial Compliance magazine about its range of machine safety solutions that are designed to offer the right solution for customers’ needs

When designing a safe system it is important to first decide which SIL or Performance Level the machine needs to meet. Phoenix Contact has a safety App for iPhone and iPad which is free to download from the iTunes store by using the search term ‘Safety Services’. The Safety App has a useful tool to calculate the MTTFd value for any component in a safety circuit, which is crucial for safety calculations.

Whether your requirements are for the process industry or for OEMs building machines, Phoenix Contact can provide the solution. Mark Harries, business development manager for safety, I/O and networks commented, “We take safety very seriously at Phoenix Contact. Our aim is to advise customers of the best and most cost effective solution to meet their requirements.”

Using the process industry as an example, Phoenix Contact has a dedicated range of safety relays such as the ‘FSP’ device which has an integrated filter to eliminate test pulses from the DCS system. This eliminates problems such as the safety relay ‘chattering’ and gives the end user peace of mind that the relay is reliable. The ‘ETP’ safety relay can be used in fire and gas detection systems for switching a range of different applications in a safe way, such as a sounder for example.



In today’s market the need for flexibility in safety applications is very important. Phoenix Contact has a range of flexible solutions for both centralised and distributed safety applications. Safety Bridge is well suited for applications that have a need for a distributed safe solution. The main feature of this system is that it will work with a standard non-safe PLC, over almost every protocol and using the existing bus cabling. This makes Safety Bridge an ideal solution for large machines or for retro-fit projects. Phoenix Contact’s Safety Bridge is also great for users who want visualisation of the safety I/O signals at the PLC or HMI.

SafeConf is the accompanying software for the Safety Bridge solution, and is free to download from the Phoenix Contact website. SafeConf is easy to use and allows the user to drag and drop pre-made safe function blocks to build up a suitable safe system. Useful connection diagrams, which are TUV certified, are integrated into the software and can be accessed at the click of the button.

The SafeConf software can also be used to configure the Trisafe device, which is a configurable safety controller for centralised safety applications. Trisafe has 20 Safe Inputs and 4 Safe Outputs and can be expanded if required. This is a perfect solution for replacing multiple standard safety relays and therefore reducing wiring and installation time for the user. The SafeConf software for Trisafe is well suited for more complex safety applications where logic is required or where time delays may need to be set. This gives the customer absolute flexibility to meet the demands of their application.

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