Winter Safety solutions in buildings have been tested to the limit in the UK’s recent “cold snap “and many have failed the test! Water authorities have received emergency calls from customers with frozen and burst water pipes. Heating companies have received thousands of call-out requests to defrost outlet pipes from condensing boilers, and heat tracing suppliers have been called to provide solutions to the almost annual problem of ice and freezing temperatures. But the message remains the same: Prevention is better than cure!

Pentair Thermal Management manufactures a range of Raychem frost protection and ice and snow prevention solutions that have been designed specifically with winter safety in mind. These including: Self-regulating frost protection systems for sprinklers, Snow and Ice prevention systems for roofs, gutters, and drainpipes and Ground, ramp, and access way snow and  Ice melting systems

Pentair Thermal Management’s European Product Manager, Jonathan Jones, comments, “Buildings have become living things and are sensitive to severe weather just as we are. Without the correct precautions, buildings are victims of the cold weather which can often affect their performance.”

Electrical engineers and contractors must become familiar with and advocates of such winter safety solutions, not just as solutions for new building projects, but also for the existing building stock.

As part of its excellent customer service program, Raychem has launched a new web page which guides users through ’winter proofing’ a building with a link to claim a free winter audit



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