Practical Guidance Tools for Industrial Engineering

The Engineering Equipment and Materials Association (EEMUA) provides guides, training and other tools that aid people in industrial engineering in their work of making businesses, people and the environment safer and more prosperous.

EEMUA’s resources have been developed and are continually refreshed with the demands and contributions of industry, for industry and in collaboration

with regulatory bodies.
Tried and tested through use every day around the globe, EEMUA’s resources for industrial engineering are founded on practical guidance in a series of publications, including:

EEMUA 231 – The mechanical integrity of plant containing hazardous substances: a guide to periodic examination and testing
EEMUA 232 – Specifying, procuring and managing third party inspection services
EEMUA 159 – Above ground flat bottomed storage tanks – a guide to inspection, maintenance and repair

Built to support the Industrial Engineering Community in common and irregular tasks, EEMUA’s Portfolio has resources at-hand and appropriate for immediate use in specialist tasks and for upskilling individuals and teams.

Good Practice Guidance

Certificated, CPD-approved

Focused and Expert-led


Training & Competency


o    Guides

o     Live online Courses (throughout the year)

o    Live online Seminars (throughout the year)

o    Checklists (free to all)

o    In-depth, Blended Learning (twice per year)

o    Live online Webinars (throughout the year)

o    Backgrounders (free to all)

o    Classroom-based Learning (where appropriate)



o    Awareness-level E-learning (on demand, free to EEMUA Members)



o    In-house Courses (upon application)


Where Needed, When Needed

On-site or offsite, online and live with in-person interaction for engineers wherever they need to be; for the time that suits their schedule with choices of learning for awareness level needs from 30 minutes to in-depth learning for practitioners of an average 4 hours per week for 27 weeks, for instance:







Mechanical Integrity Practitioner Certificate Course


TankAssessor course


Process Safety Management E-learning

Focused on good practice in primary containment of hazardous substances, EEMUA’s MIPC® courses provide flexible, in-depth learning through live, online classes (recorded for review), one-to-one tutorials and e-learning, all enhanced with Mentor support, and all without leaving the work site.
Tailored to specific needs of each Learner’s company and site(s), MIPC is based on industry guidance and good practice collected in EEMUA  231, with coverage expanded to key parts of EEMUA 232 and EEMUA 177 Guide to the UK Pressure Systems Safety Regulations (2000) – including: 
Legislative environment; Written Scheme of Examination, Industry Good Practice; Operational considerationsRisk and As Low As Reasonably Practicable; Asset condition; User responsibilities and competencies; Inspection process and Techniques; Responses to Findings and Reporting; Postponement; Record Keeping; and more.
Open to industry professionals with 3-5 years’ experience, a Learner’s commitment is approximately 4 hours per week over 27 weeks, and final assessment for an industry-recognised certification valid for 5 years.

Contact to discuss making MIPC® work for you.


EEMUA’s TankAssessor Live Online training course develops participants’ understanding ofdesign, material and fabrication for repairs or restricted use after degradation in service; principles, output and limitations of inspection methods; making sound assessments of tank and foundation integrity, and offering guidance on repair.
Delivered in English, Dutch, German or French languages, this Live Online training runs over 4.5 days, on dates throughout each year
Passing the end of course exam earns a Certificate of Competence in the assessment of storage tank integrityvalid for 5 years.
TankAssessor training is open for all in the industry who possess appropriate experience.
Contact for more details on this and other live online courses.



EEMUA’s 90-minute Process Safety Management e-learning presents good practice at the awareness level. The training is based on approaches and elements found in established guidance. 

Coverage extends through terminology, legislation, standards, guidance, asset Integrity, inspection, maintenance, risk assessment and management, hazard identification, safe working procedures, knowledge management, risk based safety, operational readiness, handover, employee selection, work permits, process safety metrics, incident reporting, investigation and more.

For Electrical and Instrumentation Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Project Managers, Maintenance Engineers, Plant Operators, Technicians and more.

Available to you when and where it suits you, EEMUA’s e-learning courses may be purchased at EEMUA’s shop.

For more information on e-learning courses, please contact EEMUA at

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For Novices to Experts
EEMUA’s Mechanical Integrity portfolio has practical resources at-hand for people at every stage of their careers, from new joiners to experienced professionals and leaders.
Available to All
EEMUA’s Mechanical Integrity portfolio is available to all in the industry, and discounted or FREE for EEMUA Members and Associates when they log in.
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There are numerous ways that EEMUA supports the industrial engineering community in its work. Please ask us how best to make EEMUA’s many resources work for you and your colleagues.

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