Pilz explain that where active human intervention with a process is required (such as infeed and outfeed work), mechanical guards can disrupt the work cycle. Therefore, an ergonomic solution placing less reliance upon physical barriers can still provide effective protection for workers using electro-sensitive protective equipment (ESPE)

The solutions that are available include Type 2 or Type 4 devices covering finger (14mm), hand (30mm) and body protection, which means there is always an optimum solution for an application.

Although aimed primarily for use as safety parts of control systems, ESPE can increase the efficiency and availability of your plant thanks to features which include muting to distinguish between a person and material; blanking for flexible, uninterrupted production processes; cascading for effective protection against encroachment into and behind the protected area; and networkability e.g. over SafetyBUS p, which reduces installation costs and down-time thanks to extensive parameter settings and availability of diagnostics.

Pilz ESPE are compliant and approved in accordance with EN 61508 and EN 61496-1 / -2, for use in applications up to PL e / SIL CL 3 (EN ISO 13849-1 / EN 62061).

Pilz’s services also include the ability to specify and install the right solution (based upon the use of standards such as EN ISO 13855:2010) and to inspect legacy installed devices.

UK employers are, under PUWER, responsible for always providing a safe work equipment. That’s why it is a legal requirement to regularly inspect safety related equipment on machinery. That way any safety defects that have arisen during assembly or refitting, any manipulation (bypassing) of safeguards or changes to work procedures, can be identified early and rectified.

Pilz has a DAkkS Accreditation, which enables it to conduct Inspection of Safeguards. Pilz can inspect all technical safeguards with regard to installation, condition and safe function. This includes E-stops, safety fences, two hand control devices, as well as light curtains, laser scanners and camera-based systems. They use overrun measurements to check that specified safety distances correspond to the current condition of your machine.



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