Prevents skipped shots, reduces maintenance, increases output

Non-contact Ink Marking System from Nordson EFD Cuts Downtime

A non-contact ink marking system is helping an automotive component manufacturer reduce maintenance and downtime.

The company formerly used contact marking systems that fed ink to a felt wick pressed against the part.

These systems required frequent maintenance whenever the wick dried out or picked up debris from the parts being marked.

After researching several options, they switched to the MicroMark® spray marking system from Nordson EFD. Unlike contact marking systems, the MicroMark applies ink with a Low Volume Low Pressure (LVLP) precision spray valve that never touches the part. The change immediately reduced maintenance and downtime by eliminating the wear and contamination issues encountered with the felt wicks.

The MicroMark system is capable of producing uniform spots between 5mm and 30.4 mm (.20’ to 1.20”) in diameter, depending on nozzle size and distance from the part. A recirculating version of the system is available for use with heavily pigmented inks with particles that must be kept in suspension. Spray valve operation is regulated with a dedicated controller that simplifies setup and allows adjustments to be made without interrupting production.

“The MicroMark’s performance sold us right away,” according to the engineering manager, who immediately noticed three significant benefits: much less maintenance and downtime, more consistent marks, and simplified changeovers.

“The MicroMark has turned out to be a virtually maintenance-free ink marking system that’s easy to adjust for different products,” he concludes. “It’s now the standard marking system on all of our assembly lines.”

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