Wakefield Acoustics is a market leader in the UK’s manufacturing of advanced industrial and environmental noise control systems. Formed in 1980, Wakefield Acoustics have steadily grown to become a driven, forward thinking and well respected solver of complex noise problems spanning a vast range of industries in often hazardous environments. In terms of products and services most commonly provided theirs according to their site include: “acoustic enclosures, acoustic screens, air and gas process silencers, sound havens, acoustic louvres, through to fully integrated turnkey solutions involving acoustic consultancy, site survey, project management, structural engineering, fire and gas suppression systems, electrics along with a full installation service.”

Wakefield Acoustics has a plethora of successful case studies and client portfolios across many sectors from oil and gas to water and waste, recycling and infrastructure. While UK based, they have undertaken many operations abroad including providing solutions in several offshore Norwegian oil fields. Let’s take a closer look at some of their successes, starting in Scandinavia.

Mariner Oil Field, Offshore Norway

Working on oil fields presents a number of dangers and some logistical conundrums, but it didn’t take long for Wakefield Acoustics to come up with a design for and provide Acoustic Enclosures for the on-site Water and Diluent Injection Pump Packages. These enclosures were pre-assembled in the company’s own factory and measured a sizeable 9.0m x 4.1m x 4.3m. All enclosures were subject to rigorous factory acceptance testing prior to final installation. It is vitally important to provide safe and comfortable working conditions on oil fields as the work is arduous enough without creating further stress.

Johan Sverdrup Oil Field, Offshore Norway

It is also worth mentioning another oil field, simply to show how different the work can be within the same industry. This job necessitated a series of no less than 316 grade stainless steel acoustic enclosures! Each unit was designed with a fully integrated, Atex rated ventilation system. The sheer scale of the job meant that the enclosures needed to be manufactured in sectional modular form to enable transportation.

Recycling and Waste To Energy Case Study — Recycling Plant, UK

This job saw Wakefield Acoustics venture into the heart of a large recycling operation, where the mandate was the reduction of noise in the Odour Control System to 60dbA. The solution was to supply inlet and outlet duct-mounted attenuators. Each benefitted from fully welded 304 grade stainless steel casings and external casings were fully clad within the Wakefield Acoustics factory, reducing associated break-out noise. This job highlighted not only the ingenuity and competence of the company but also their ability to work to extreme deadlines. The attenuators were designed, manufactured and on site within 5 weeks of the purchase order.

Food & Drink Case Study — Drinks Manufacturing Facility, UK

To finish, it is worth remembering that not all noise reduction solutions are designed to stop noise coming out of machinery, but many environments also need safe spaces where noise cannot come in. Such was the case at this food and drink facility in the UK, which resulted in the design, manufacture and installation of a sound haven measuring 3.6m x 3.0m. The safe haven benefited from numerous glazed panels and acoustic brush seals. Inside, ventilation for employees seeking refuge was provided by a 200 dia Rotorex fan. There was also an AC lighting system and electric heater. The haven easily managed to keep noise exposure down to below 78dbA (measured at 1 metre from the front of the enclosure).

We could carry on looking at examples of successful noise control solutions provided by Wakefield Acoustics but if you want to find out more visit the compny’s website.

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