Wokingham based, Telonic Instruments, have introduced to the UK market Kikusui’s new PWX series of constant current / constant voltage variable output programmable DC power supplies

There are currently 4 models available:-

750W    PWX750LF        0-30V    0-75A   
1500W  PWX1500L        0-30V    0-150A

750W    PWX750MLF     0-80V    0-28A   
1500W  PWX1500ML     0-80V    0-56A

These units are power limited (750W/1500W) which gives the engineer the flexibility of having a much a wider voltage and current output than you would normally expect on a conventional power supply.

To increase the mounting efficiency, it has a 19-inch rack width which is only 1U high and cooling runs from the front to the back which means units can be stacked on top of each other. The series is equipped as standard with USB, RS-232C, and LAN interfaces, which are essential for system upgrades. The series also has a virtual multi-channel bus (VMCB) function that allows it to be used efficiently for remote control and monitoring with 1-to-N and as well as with N-to-M in large-scale networks. In particular, the LAN interface is LXI compliant*, enabling you to control and monitor the power supply easily from a browser on a PC, smartphone, or tablet. You can also manage the power supply in a different building.

Easy access with the built-in web server

Use a browser from a PC, smartphone, or tablet to access the web server built into the PWX series for convenient control and monitoring.

For more Information on sale and hire please contact Telonic Instruments Ltd.

Tel: 0118 9786911
Email: info@telonic.co.uk
Website: http://www.telonic.co.uk          
PDF: http://www.telonic.co.uk/products/pdfs/kikusui/kikusui-pwx-dc-power-supply.pdf