WEG has recently launched its new W22X range of flame-proof electric motors, which were shown as part of WEG’s automation portfolio at the SPS/IPC/Drives 2011 exhibition in Nuremberg.

ATEX/IECEx certified, the W22X motors are designed to cope with the rigours of aggressive and explosive atmospheres, while delivering the added benefits of high efficiency, (IE2/IE3 energy efficiency rating), minimised noise, vibration and low operating temperature for increased reliability and safety.

Available for low, medium or high voltage supplies, and with either Ex d or Ex d(e) flame-proof protection, the W22X product range covers 2-, 4-, 6-, and 8-pole motors in sizes up to 500 frame, across the power range from 160kW to 1,500kW. The first units released in the motor series are frame size 500KH – 4-pole, 6kV motors with power ratings up to 1,500kW.

The W22X range has CE marking in compliance with EU Directive 94/4/EC – ATEX, and is classified as equipment Group I (mines) and Group II (surface industries), and Group llB and IIC for gases. The range is suitable for use in Zone 1 – Gases and Vapours (G), and Zone 21 – Gases, Vapours and Dust (GO).

The advantage of dual certification for gas and dust is that it makes the W22X range modular and flexible, reducing inventory costs for users by enabling a common motor frame to be used with different types and sizes of terminal boxes.

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