Crowcon has introduced its new Gas-Pro portable gas detector designed to improve safety in confined space entry (CSE) work.

Its compact size means that it doesn’t get in the way of other personal protection equipment (PPE) and does not interfere with the worker’s primary activity.

The detector also includes a clear top mount display that can be read at a glance without having to touch the detector, and a dual colour backlight adds an extra level of alert should the Gas-Pro enter alarm status.

Further features include an automated pre-entry check function and an internal pump that allows pre-entry testing to be done quickly and easily. The +ve Safety (positive safety) feature includes tri-colour status indication giving quick monitoring of gas test (bump), calibration, over range and recent alarm notification.

Also included is multiple gas sensors for up to five potentially hazardous gases from a wide range including hydrogen sulphide, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, oxygen and flammable gases, as well as industry specific gases such as ozone, ammonia, chlorine, chlorine dioxide and sulphur dioxide.

The detector has IP65 and IP67 ingress protection with a loud >95dB alarm, as well as vibrating and dual colour visual warnings as standard.


T: 01235 557 700