The second ‘CE Marking Guidance Course’, staged by the BPMA on 1 October 2019 has again been very well received by all those who attended – members and non-members alike.

The first course, which took place back in July, was oversubscribed and so gave rise to this second outing.  But with even more companies booking staff members onto the day-long course, it was again proven to be a very worthwhile exercise for all those involved.

Non-compliant pumping equipment remains a major problem in the UK market, where CE marking is compulsory.  All companies that build pumping equipment, such as booster sets, pressurisation units, rainwater harvesting tanks, sewage stations or bespoke equipment and who sell products in the UK or to the European market must be able to demonstrate that the products meet applicable EU requirements, are correctly CE marked and are placed on the market with the correct Declaration of Conformity.

Concerned that many companies still do not meet these obligations under current legislation, the BPMA specifically developed this training course to help address what is a key issue.  It provides the information and skills required to understand Self Certification CE Marking Essentials and enable compliance with a range of Directives, Regulations and EN Standards.  It also covers other related product certification and documentation issues.

Gary Wilde, Technical Services Officer at the BPMA, who led the course said afterwards, “This is a very welcome addition to the BPMA’s pump training programme as there is obviously a need for a course like this to inform and update companies on what is seen as a very complex topic – as was clearly evidenced by the number of questions raised”.

With a near maximum attendance, and the suggestion from some that colleagues in their organisations would benefit from attending the course, a third session has now been scheduled for Tuesday 11 February 2020.  It will again take place at the BPMA Offices in West Bromwich.