Midas Safety, the leading safety solutions company, has set the organisation a target to eliminate all plastics from packaging by 2023 as part of its commitment to reduce overall packaging waste.

With various initiatives are underway, Midas Safety is working towards achieving its targets, these include promoting recycled paper in packaging, reducing plastic polybag thickness from 60 microns to 30 microns initially and then steadily replacing plastic polybags with recycled paper bags. 

Since 2021, initiatives have resulted in a reduction of 76 tons of plastic and a reduction of 455 tons of CO2   across Midas Safety’s operations.

Zakir Abdi, Head of Sustainability at Midas Safety, says: “We are committed to implementing change across our operations as well as within our supply chain to eliminate plastics from packaging. With ongoing support from regulators and customers, we continue to apply innovative approaches to replace plastic packaging with recycled paper, to reduce the weight of plastic wrappings, and to reduce the weight of cartons.”

Two weeks ago, Midas Safety published its first sustainability report for the year 2021, which documents its progress towards better management of its economic, environmental, and social impacts and commitment to Making Safety Sustainable.  Midas Safety has set targets for 2023 around seven pillars of sustainability – People, Climate, Water, Energy, Waste, Product and Packaging, which have been identified through guidance from its stakeholders.

With 2020 as the baseline year, the report has been produced in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) sustainability reporting core standards. It provides stakeholders a complete overview of Midas Safety’s operations in Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh from 1st January to 31st December 2021 and sets out targets for 2023.