McCue’s new FlexCore Guardrail has won an award for innovation at UK Expo, The Manufacturing Management Show.

The product, which was created to specifically address the safety needs of one customer, has been rolled out globally and is already protecting facilities across the world.

The FlexCore Guardrail solves the issue of forklift forks and other ground level equipment infiltrating onto pedestrian walkways inside facilities and creating an injury hazard. A strong floor barrier is incorporated into a pedestrian barrier to create a multifunctional product – one that retains the benefits of the pedestrian barrier, but adds a new layer of protection.

Director of McCue UK, Emma Panter said: “McCue is thrilled to win this award from MMS. It is testament to the hours of research and testing that goes on inside our R&D department, but also to the importance of listening to our customers and addressing their safety needs. This product was born out of a genuine safety need in a real working warehouse – and it’s gone on to be used in many other facilities.”

McCue’s armoury of flexible, low-maintenance polyethylene protection products guard and organise warehouses, food and drink facilities, airports, retail environments and more, while producing a long-term return on investment.