Hand & Arm Protection expert, Marigold® Industrial has announced it is launching RIGs across Europe.

Having been a major success in North America recently, Marigold® Industrial is confident the European launch will benefit workers, significantly reducing the threat of electric shock injuries to maintenance teams across a wide range of industries including those in the transport industry, construction, cable layers, contractors, utilities, maintenance/manufacturing, transport, telecommunication/satellite and agriculture.

Our gloves meet the current requirements of European standard EN 60903:2003.

They are manufactured from 100% Natural Rubber Latex (NRL) in an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001 world class manufacturing facility and represent a major innovation in gloves for electrical protection.

It is important to know which voltage level is being worked with to assess the correct level of Hand & Arm Protection.

Refer to the table below for a summary of which glove Class protects against the approved working voltage levels.





2,500V (AC)

500V (AC)


5,000V (AC)

1000V (AC)

The aqueous manufacturing process helps our rubber products retain the elasticity, flexibility and good insulation properties that are inherent to NRL, they also show good levels of dexterity and have an excellent visual finish.

The above points were demonstrated in the results of the physical property tests of which the gloves exceeded both requirements under the ASTM D120-09 Standard.

Available in sizes 8,9,10 and 11 in either 11” or 14” lengths, for further information call: Marigold Industrial Ltd on 0845 075 3355 or email ukenquiries@marigold-industrial.com or visit www.marigold-industrial.com.