Workwear manufacturer Ballyclare has announced details of a major new order to supply its Xenon firefighting garments. The deal will see Ballyclare provide up to 4,300 Xenon multi-function firefighter rescue jackets to North West Fire and Rescue Services, which represents firefighting services in Lancashire, Cumbria and Cheshire.

“This is a great step forward for us and it represents a major vote of confidence in the new Xenon range of firefighting garments that we launched late last year,” explained Ballyclare’s Fire & Technical director, Richard Ballheimer. “The Xenon garments marked a completely new approach to designing PPE for firefighters. The reaction we received from the market was extremely positive and it’s good to see that reaction being translated into orders so rapidly.
“North West Fire and Rescue Services looked at instances where these jackets were already in use, and were impressed with their performance. The new jackets will allow them to keep their existing structural firefighting kit for a more restricted range of duties than previously, and that will extend the life of that kit.”
The Xenon multi-function firefighter rescue jackets are designed for the sort of firefighting and rescue activities associated with emergency response and training operations. “Their design was inspired by the construction of premium quality sportswear where maximum comfort and protection is provided without imposing any restriction on the wearer’s movement,” added Richard.  “We gathered a huge volume of input from firefighters in the field and that fed into the Xenon design process and helped us create something that provides reliable protection at all the points where it’s required, but which also offers outstanding levels of comfort and breathability.”
The jackets feature a durable outershell which is available in a variety of fabrics and colourways. They are certified to Wildland firefighting standards and provide an outstanding level of waterproofness. They also incorporate a lightweight, durable GORE CROSSTECH Moisture Barrier, which provides protection from blood and body fluids, and keeps the wearer dry from the outside, while allowing sweat to pass out of the garment.
Gore associate, Suzanne Prince, said: “GORE CROSSTECH Moisture Barrier is proven technology that protects firefighters from the rigours and specific risks associated with rescue work for the lifetime of the garment, while at the same time delivering high levels of comfort and freedom of movement.”