M.A.C. Solutions, developer of the ProcessVue suite of alarm management software, and Lieven Dubois, an authority on alarm management, have signed a market development agreement for ProcessVue that covers Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Alarm Management has been a hot topic in industry for some years now, and best practice alarm management is becoming increasingly important. Compliance with the International Standards IEC 62682 or ANSI/ISA 18.2 is now an expectation, rather than an aspiration; and regulatory bodies in Europe are beginning to enforce this for high hazard plants through the SEVESO directive, and COMAH 2015 regulations in the UK. Although the standards are based on work taken from the process industries, other industries are starting to recognise both the importance and benefits alarm management can bring. Substantial improvements to the safety and efficiency of facilities and the working environment in control rooms or command centres where systems, infrastructures, and processes are monitored; and human intervention is required during abnormal conditions, equipment failure, or major process deviations, can be achieved through effective alarm management.

ProcessVue is a leading alarm management product suite. In a global market study of alarm management suppliers by leading technology research and advisory firm ARC Advisory Group in 2017, ProcessVue was ranked as the number one Alarm Management software and services supplier to the UK market, as well as the number one platform-independent Alarm Management software and services provider to the European Power Generation market.

ProcessVue has been designed with the benefit of over 25 years’ experience and expertise in the industry. The suite includes an Alarm Historian, Alarm Analytics and a Master Alarm Database. The software is modularised, scalable and built using modern technologies.

John Pritchard, managing director of M.A.C. Solutions commented: “We are really excited at the prospect of working with Lieven Dubois, who is such an expert in alarm management. With his knowledge and guidance, we expect to increase the market share of ProcessVue across Europe and the rest of the world.”

Lieven Dubois commented: “I look forward to working with ProcessVue and M.A.C. Solutions in expanding their business globally. The ProcessVue alarm management software suite should be a good fit for any industry that takes alarm management seriously. It provides the necessary monitoring and risk assessment with scheduled reports, as well as the required documentation and rationalisation tools for proper management of change. This integrated approach will help customers pursue the different work process for good alarm management practice as proposed by ANSI/ISA 18.2 and IEC 62682.”

Alongside the ProcessVue product suite, M.A.C. Solutions also provides expert advice and consulting services through a dedicated UK-based expert, Ian Brown, and now Lieven Dubois.