Mills can be supplied from a standard range or manufactured to meet particular specifications. When it comes to milling and grinding samples – it is difficult to find a better range than Glen Creston.


Glen Creston – ‘Leaders in Size Reduction’ have improved the design and function of their Roller Crusher.

It can be supplied with a new control box with PLC which allows remote monitoring and control of the crusher in process applications.

The largest single shaft unit is now 800mm long by 500mm wide internally and designed for crushing lump coal up to 250mm. High temperature versions are available for crushing power station ash at up to 250 degrees centigrade

This rugged, slow-running mill is equipped with either a single or double roller shafts fitted with crushing cams which rotate between crushing and stripping combs. Different shaped crushing elements are available depending on material.

This machine is particularly suitable for de-agglomeration of materials from sacks or silos, pre-crushing softer minerals and for granulating coarse lumpy, caked or compacted materials.




The Gy-Ro Mill has been designed with a unique mechanism enabling the optimum amplitude setting to be set for different materials. Amplitude adjustment ensures the best possible results as it can be set to meet the special characteristics of the feed material and the fineness required. The setting also controls the wear rate and consequent degree of contamination from the grinding dish.

A further advantage of the design of the machine is that it provides a smooth horizontal grinding action with minimal vertical vibration. The puck and rings are larger than the conventional types used in other machines and consequently they avoid bouncing off the lid and base of the dish minimizing excessive wear and unnecessary contamination.

The Gy-Ro Mill is particularly suitable for sample preparation for XRF, XRD and AA analysis. It is excellent for sample processing for geological/mineral assay work and can also be used for the preparation of chemicals, cement, glass, soil, ceramics, ores, dried plant, slag, paint, minerals, pigments, coal, and chalk.

The construction of the mill is rust free mild steel frame and lid with painted vibrator springs of good quality spring steel, flexible drive shaft encased in protective rubber coating, and eccentric weights. Grinding dishes are of hardened Alloy Steel, Tungsten Carbide, Chrome Steel and Agate.




The Glen Creston Swing Hammer mill range is designed for light/medium duty crushing of a broad range of materials in batch, in-line and recycling applications. Available in cast iron/carbon, steel and stainless steel with a blower discharge option, this versatile mill is a cost effective solution for process engineers.

From waste glass to cosmetic pigments the swing hammer mill range will tackle many dry materials at rates of a few kilos to up to 1000 kg per hour, depending on material and screen size.

The mill features a 180º full width, discharge screen which is easily interchangeable once the safety interlocked top half of the mill is hinged back to give unrestricted access to the crushing chamber.

The durable mill body is constructed from cast iron with 12, 18 or 30 hardened steel hammers, depending on model. The hammers have four grinding edges which can be rotated in turn to give maximum life. The body hammers and screen of the gravity discharge model can also be constructed of stainless steel for applications such as food or pharmaceuticals where corrosion resistance is essential.

The mill can be supplied with a stainless steel hopper and a stand for use as a stand alone laboratory or batch grinder, or with just the motor bedplate for inclusion into a process line.

This type of mill has been used successfully to grind Chemicals, Resins, Grain, Clay, Seaweed (dried), Fruit (dried), Wheat, Barley/Oats, Domestic waste, and Glass, but could be applied in any similar situation.




This compact yet powerful mill is designed for crushing and grinding all types of materials up to the medium-hard range within a variety of industries, including construction, environmental, mineral, chemical, agricultural and ceramic.

The mill is available with a variety of options including chamber and door linings in cast iron, chrome steel or stainless steel. Beater arms in cast iron or stainless steel and beater tips in chrome steel, stainless steel and low chrome.

Features include:

  • Stand or bench mounted
  • Simple Screen replacement
  • Choice of liners/screens
  • Adjustable beater tips
  • Receptacle 5 litres
  • Brake motor
  • Door lock safety feature


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