WEG, a leading international manufacturer of motor and drive technology, has developed IP55-rated enclosures for its CFW701 variable speed drives (VSD) to help users in the process industry adopt more energy-efficient strategies while meeting stringent hygiene and endurance requirements. Both VSD series – in frame sizes B to E – are now available with enclosures that effectively protect electrical components against water jets, dust and corrosion and as such are a great fit for process applications in the food industry or for especially harsh environmental conditions. As a result, users can be confident that their VSDs reliably operate, providing long service life with reduced downtime.

“We have seen a growing demand for more robust VSDs in the process industry that have an extremely high resistance to environmental factors, and thanks to our in house team we have been able to adapt our automation components to meet our customers needs,” says Johannes Schwenger, Head of Product Management Low- and Medium-Voltage Drive Systems Europe at WEG. “Variable speed drives can now withstand more aggressive environments and be easily cleaned without suffering any damage, which increases uptime of the process and ultimately operational efficiencies and profitability for our customers.”

The new IP55 enclosures feature an improved cooling system, which ensures that the VSDs continue to operate reliably even under full load. They are suitable for direct wall mounting and are designed to protect devices against infrared radiation, meaning that the corresponding drive units can be used even in extremely harsh environments. Additionally, EMC filters as well as control panels with a USB port are integrated in the enclosure to ensure ease of use and programming.

WEG’s variable speed drives with IP55 rating have the same functionality as the standard devices in the CFW701 series, which provide reliable and energy-efficient control of motors. Users can integrate matching extension modules for inputs and outputs, communication protocols and temperature monitoring features according to their needs. A power switch can also be fitted as an option.

The IP55 enclosures are available for frame sizes B to E of the CFW701 series, which is specifically designed for the HVAC sector. They cover the voltage range from 220 to 480 V and the power range from 5.5 to 110 kW.

For more information on WEG’s energy efficient drive solutions visit www.weg.net/uk