Edbro, a manufacturer of hydraulic truck tipping hoists and waste management equipment, has made an investment in its test and development centre at the company’s main manufacturing facility in Bolton. The test centre will accelerate product development and add a cost effective testing capacity for different operating conditions in the company’s international markets.

The investment has enabled a complete overhaul and update of Edbro’s test facility whilst adding two new test rigs which are used for assessing the bending coefficient of the company’s CS series range of cylinder products, and the operational longevity of new designs under accelerated life test conditions.

An additional area has also been created that features a range of specialist test equipment for testing the core technology behind many of the company’s cylinder products. Pressure testing seals and cylinder tubes in both static and dynamic loading conditions enables Edbro to confirm that all new products meet its design engineers’ targets for sealing, pressure performance and durability.

Peter Smith, Edbro sales and marketing director, commented, “The new buckling test rig allows Edbro to ensure that even our longest telescopic cylinder delivers the reliability that is our trademark in every market from Chippenham to China, ensuring that our selection of cylinders is perfectly suited to the application – providing the lightest solution for a given application.

“By engineering out weight and increasing the payloads for our customers we are helping them reduce the number of loads required to fulfil each contract. Not only does this increase their profit, it also helps to reduce their carbon footprint.

“We also manufacture a huge number of individual designs each year and the test facility allows us to physically test new designs to confirm CAD design projections for stress analysis and key performance envelope parameters. This has allowed us to develop cylinder designs for some very challenging applications whilst remaining completely confident of the product’s performance even before it is tested in the field.”



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