The consumer market has often been a step ahead of the industrial market in terms of technology in recent years. The use of mobile phones and laptops has been slow to make its way into hazardous areas in comparison with their wide range of uses in the consumer market. With ecom’s growing range of mobile technologies they have closed the gap between the consumer market and the industrial market with devices designed to help your workers perform more accurately and efficiently.

Ecom’s new ‘Mobile Worker Concept’ has driven this surge in innovation. This concept aims to provide mobile workers in hazardous areas with a range of technologies to protect them and to help them communicate effectively and efficiently. The mobile worker needs access to a range of technologies, not just communication but also computing, measurement and lighting solutions when performing highly specialized tasks.

Current products that ecom manufacture and supply include the Ex-Handy 08 ATEX mobile phone which allows workers to communicate quickly and effectively with their control room.  This, twinned with the Serenity-Ex, gives the mobile worker complete control over their communication. The Serenity-Ex is an intrinsically safe headset that is designed to offer the user clear transmissions while protecting both ears. When using these devices combined, the mobile worker is fully equipped to communicate within hazardous areas.

Mobile workers need to have access to the most advanced technology available when carrying out their inspections. This includes ecom’s measurement equipment such as the Fluke 28 II-Ex multimeter and the Fluke 568-Ex laser thermometer. Equipped with these devices, the worker will be able to take readings and store data then provide accurate information to where it is needed.

Lighting is also a necessity for mobile workers, especially when performing tasks in enclosed and darkened areas. The 3AA and 2AAA eLED Zone 1 torches that were recently launched by ecom are ideal for small spaces as they emit an extremely bright light and are incredibly lightweight, making them perfect for any mobile worker.

Central to the idea of the mobile worker is the ability for them to share data in real-time while on the move. This helps them both ensure the accuracy of the data and remove the need for any paperwork when returning to the office. The i.roc Ci70-Ex is the worlds most advanced intrinsically safe handheld computer and is designed to be integrated into the day-to-day work of a mobile worker. This device gives the user a range of connectivity options, including Bluetooth and WLAN as standard. The i.roc Ci70-Ex is also the first PDA to have the option of WWAN that can be used in hazardous areas. All of this means that the worker is able to transmit data quickly and accurately while on the move.

Another key device from ecom is the V100-Ex2 ATEX laptop. This device is especially designed to give the mobile worker all the functionality they have come to expect from any consumer laptop with the added bonus that it can be used in hazardous areas.

The latest product from ecom is the Z710-Ex, an intrinsically safe tablet that is certified for use in Zone 1 hazardous areas. This device has an Android operating system, therefore allowing a range of applications to give even more power to the mobile worker. This handy tablet comes with the option of 3.5G WWAN for data and voice communication as well as optional 1D or 2D barcode readers, giving your workers a range of possibilities when in hazardous areas.

Ecom’s clear focus is to provide mobile workers with all the devices they need to carry out important tasks in hazardous areas. Whether you need mobile computing products, such as the new Z710-Ex tablet, or simply need some torches then make sure to contact ecom for a wide range of options to fit your needs.

If you are interested in finding out more about ecom’s mobile worker concept then contact us on 01642 465 400 or visit our microsite on Zone 2 mobile computing equipment or our other microsite on the exceptional Zone 1 i.roc Ci70-Ex.

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