A new guide for the drilling industry has been launched in Inverness.

The free online publication sets out international industry standards for drilling wellbore holes. Wellbores are used for a variety of purposes, including extracting natural resources like gas and conducting environmental site assessments ahead of building works.

The publication, which is the first of its kind, has been developed by University of the Highlands and Islands. It was officially launched at a Society of Petroleum Engineers conference at the Kingsmills Hotel on 17th September.

The document was co-ordinated by UHI professor Angus Jamieson who has over 30 years’ experience in the industry. Professor Jamieson manages the Inverness-based drilling consultancy, Tech 21, and has lectured in drilling schools around the world.

The professor consulted with organisations across the sector to agree on best practice for wellbore positioning. He secured funding from ExxonMobil, ConocoPhilips, Chevron, Devon, Gyrodata and Schlumberger to ensure the resource would be freely available and co-authored the publication with five other industry experts.

Introduction to Wellbore Positioning has now been approved by international sector body, the Industry Steering Committee on Wellbore Survey Accuracy, and professor Jamieson said the resource has “already been well received in the industry.” Drilling professionals are encouraged to contribute and it is hoped the document will be updated as techniques and technologies change and.

University of the Highlands and Islands vice principal of research and enterprise, Dr Jeff Howarth, explained the organisation’s involvement in the publication, “We are seeking to expand our educational provision at every level in support of the energy sectors. This open access e-book is a great example.

“The oil and gas sector will be one of Scotland’s key sectors for many years to come and this type of educational material will be used by the university in training the next generation of highly skilled engineers across a range of specialist disciplines.”

Shell’s principle borehole surveying expert, Lisa Grant, welcomed the resources. She said, “I was excited to see the long awaited book, Introduction to Wellbore Positioning. I find it a comprehensive, easily read work that will add great value to the industry.”

Peter Clark, Chevron’s global directional drilling technical advisor, added, “Wellbore positioning is a crucial requirement for the success of the oil and gas industry. It’s needed for accurately placing wells within the reservoir and safely avoiding other wells while drilling. The wellbore positioning e-book is a valuable educational resource that will contribute to improving our understanding of the subject and hopefully help to raise standards within the industry.”

Introduction to Wellbore Positioning is available to view or download on the University of the Highlands and Islands website.