Summer is a great time to add or replace efficiency increasing signage in a facility. Production usually isn’t as fast paced during summer, creating a window of opportunity to increase a facility’s efficiency. Visuals have proven to increase productivity, reduce waste and improve safety. They can also reinforce standards and help staff notice anomalies at a glance.

More examples of how visuals can make a facility more efficient are available in Brady’s 50 Lean Visuals pocketbook. Companies that incorporate lean visuals throughout their facility are proven to have higher productivity, reduced waste, and improved safety. Visuals are also essential to sustaining the success of your lean manufacturing initiatives. They reinforce the standards you put in place, and help your staff and employees detect abnormalities at a glance. In our Pocketbook we’ll show you 50 tried-and-true ways to effectively use visuals throughout your facility.

Download the 50 Lean Visuals booklet


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