Stopping safely

Ensuring that a rotation or oscillation has ceased is critical if personnel need access to that part of the plant, be it for operation or maintenance. Therefore it is equally critical to select devices that will protect the workforce by ensuring that such motion, or lack or it, is detected in as safe a manner as possible. Now with the new DA101S market leader ifm electronic launches a zero-speed safety relay to do just that.

Naturally users want the peace of mind that comes with trusted approval, so the DA101S has been thoroughly tested by TuevNord for use in applications up to and including , Performance Level PL e according to ISO 13849-1, Safety Interity Level (SIL) 3 according to IEC 61508 and SILClaim Limit 3 according to EN 62061.

Equipped with two volt-free safety relay outputs, the slim housing of the DA101S, which measures only 25mm wide, also features a solid-state PNP feedback output as well as LED indicators to verify the status of the inputs and outputs.

Two overlapping input signals are compared and evaluated, ideally from inductive sensors. These take their power directly from the zero-speed relay.

As true zero motion is difficult or impossible to verify, the DA101S is in fact set by the user to detect a low frequency, and switch when the detected pulse rate drops below the pre-set. This pre-set will vary according to the pick-up arrangement and machine constraints, so one of four frequencies (0.2, 0.5, 1 and 2Hz) can be selected using a hard-wired link. This link cannot be changed during operation without the unit switching into the safe state.

The DA101S from ifm electronic is designed for panel-mount on a DIN rail, and requires a 24V DC supply.

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