Hansford Sensors will be showcasing its latest range of industrial vibration sensors at this year’s Maintec exhibition.  In particular, the company will be introducing its submersible IP68 rated accelerometers, which have been developed to measure vibration levels on rotating machinery with partial or complete immersion in water at depths of up to 100 metres.  These latest industrial accelerometers are ideal for helping maintenance engineers to detect and prevent defects caused for example by imbalance, misalignment, cavitation, bearing wear and gear or drive belt problems.

The latest IP68 submersible accelerometers are supplied with either an integrated waterproof silicon cable or an integrated PUR cable, which provides additional resistance to oil.  The range is also available as ATEX certified, for operation in intrinsically safe areas where the sensors can be exposed to explosive gases or chemicals, and can be supplied with a choice of 4-20mA, AC or velocity outputs, and as either top or side entry.

In addition to its IP68 submersible accelerometers, Hansford Sensors will be exhibiting products from its extensive range of advanced industrial accelerometers, which are designed for use in applications ranging from marine, wind power, paper and metals, to mining, food and pharmaceuticals.  The company also offers a custom design and build facility for specialised applications and supplies multi-sensor switch boxes, vibration sensor modules, portable vibration meters and vibration condition monitoring protection systems.

For more information on the extensive range of Hansford Sensors products, please visit www.hansfordsensors.com.