Provider of hand protection solutions for industry, Ansell Healthcare, has published a Revised Guide to EN Standards for Gloves. This new guide covers all information about the legally binding Framework Directive 89/391/EEC and 89/656/EEC as well as the PPE Directive 89/686/EEC.

Designed to provide all employers with the up to date pieces of legislation they need to comply with, the new guide also provides useful knowledge and safety recommendations for users.

Seeking to upgrade social and welfare policy throughout Europe, the Single European Act includes a specific pledge to improve health and safety at work for all European workers. The commitment to ‘level up’ to the best practice currently employed within the union has been enshrined in a legally binding Frame­work Directive (89/391/EEC), which not only lays down broad guidelines for health and safety but also places upon the employer an absolute duty ‘to ensure the safety and health of employees in their workplace’.

To ensure that employers are able to protect their workforce as well as be compliant with the current legislation, Ansell’s reference guide on the EN standards for protective gloves explains how to comply with the PPE directives and EN 420:2003 – General Requirements for Gloves, and offers information on how to protect hands specifically against Chemicals and Micro-organisms (EN 374:2003), Mechanical Risks (EN 388:2003), Thermal Hazards (EN 407:2004) and Cold (EN 511:2006), Radioactive Contam­ination and Ionising Radiation (EN 421:2010) as well as two additional standards – Electrostatic Properties (EN 1149) and Manual Metal Welding (EN 12477: 2001). The Guide also presents a brief explanation of the REACH regulation.