Through its wholly-owned subsidiary, global energy industry performance improvement company GSE Systems (NYSE MKT: GVP) (“GSE”) will be hosting the latest in a series of webinars to help Health, Safety and Environment (HSE), engineering and operations managers gain a detailed understanding of how to implement the new COMAH 2015 Regulations.

This third webinar in the series, “5 Areas for Ensuring Functional Safety Compliance to Achieve Optimum Risk Management Performance,” will explain ways in which companies can reduce and manage the risks associated with Functional Safety to ensure that they comply with the COMAH requirements through IEC 61511.

Peter Hopkin, Senior Engineer and Quality Manager at GSE Systems, who will be presenting the seminar stated, “New COMAH regulations were introduced in June and now affect a far wider range of businesses that store or use hazardous substances. Our goal is to help site operators prepare for and manage these changes, developing best practices to ensure compliance as cost effectively, safely and efficiently as possible.”

The new webinar will focus on methods of improving risk and system performance by careful application of the new regulatory guidelines throughout the lifecycle of a safety system. The webinar will also cover areas such as maintenance, operator interfaces and ergonomics, alarm interaction and responses, plus associated alarm management guidelines, proof testing, record keeping and the competence of personnel.

The webinar will take place on Thursday 8th October. Attendees can register online by clicking here.

The first two webinars in the series are also online and can be found by clicking these links:

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