GMI and Oldham have developed a comprehensive range of portable and fixed gas detection systems, specifically designed for the oil and gas, petrochemical and shipping industries world-wide.  Our products are designed to withstand the most demanding environments, whilst being extremely responsive to gas and flame hazards.

When employees are sent into a potentially dangerous confined space, you want to ensure their safety and your company’s compliance.  GMI’s PS1 single gas, PS200 (4-gas) and PS500 (5-gas) range of personal monitors are designed for this application and can help to ensure the safe entry and exit from a confined space.

These feature rich monitors can detect a range of gases including oxygen, combustibles, hydrogen sulphide, carbon monoxide and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s).

The PS1 is a rugged, lightweight monitor with audible, visual and vibrating alarms to alert the user, should gas be present.  The robust stainless steel alligator clip attaches easily onto a collar or vest, putting the instrument near the breathing zone, for maximum protection and safety. 

The PS200 Series is lightweight and robust with a large, easy to read display including a built-in backlight that ensures easy viewing of gas concentration levels and other vital data.  An extra loud alarm, flashing LED indicators and vibration alarm, alerts the user to hazardous conditions.  Additional features include: customized user identification code setup, calibration due date display, and standard data logging that can be downloaded to a docking station via USB connection to a computer.

The PS500 5-gas portable monitor offers high performance detection of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) through market-leading PID technology.  Detecting and displaying up to 5 gases simultaneously using “plug and play” sensor design, the PS500 is suitable for a host of applications in a variety of industries using electrochemical, catalytic, infra-red, and PID sensing technologies.  With an expansive list of gases that can be detected for fast response times, a high level of accuracy and audible and visual alarms; the PS500 provides unrivalled protection against the potential exposure to flammable and toxic gases, along with threats of oxygen enrichment or deficiency.

Oldham’s BM 25 is a multi-gas monitoring system that offers a wide range of applications. The BM 25 packs the benefits of a fixed system area monitor into a rugged, user friendly transportable instrument.  It is designed to detect up to five gases simultaneously for mobile or temporary work applications, team protection, area surveillance or places where fixed detection systems are not appropriate.  Powered by a NiMH battery pack, the BM 25 offers up to 135 hours of continuous run time. Standard features include STEL and TWA values and data logging.  An intrinsically safe trickle charger is also available for long-term area monitoring in classified zones.

Available as an option, the radio communication allows several BM 25 devices to communicate on the same network or to send information wirelessly to an MX 40 controller.  The MX 40 controller is a low power alarm and control system designed to monitor multiple gas detection devices (up to 32) and/or a wide range of other field devices. The MX 40 also allows for expanded use of Oldham addressable I/O modules. Oldham modules can be mounted within the main system enclosure or installed remotely to simplify field wiring.

The MX 40 is completely field programmable and offers advanced technology with intuitive, embedded intelligence. The control system displays real time readings and field device status on a backlit LCD screen. During normal operation the screen displays the alarm status and current reading for up to 8 field devices simultaneously.

If the BM 25 does not respond or if the network is split, then it is possible to continue working until the network is restored.  All safety functions remain effective.When the obstacle is gone, the communication resumes automatically.

In addition, the SiteWatch is an advanced networking device that provides remote access to any Oldham gas detection system via Ethernet or cellular communication. It provides automated emails for all alarm and fault conditions instantaneously.  The SiteWatch technology can be embedded into the Oldham MX 40 wireless controller.  The SiteWatch allows web browser access to real time data from the gas detection system that includes: detector type, serial number, location/name, gas concentration, gas type and alarm status.

Regardless of the application, we have a portable monitor or fixed gas detection system that will comply with all your industrial safety and confined space requirements. 

Our experts provide an end-to-end solution that is backed by more than 100 years of gas detection experience. We consult with you to identify your specific needs, design an appropriate fixed gas detection system to meet those needs and ensure its proper installation and ongoing operation.

No application is too complicated, and no gas detection systems better meet your needs than those from GMI and Oldham.